blendSMART Projects to Achieve 75X ROI with SMS Marketing

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blendSMART, a unique product line of rotating makeup brushes, uses a 360-degree spin motion to give customers the look of airbrushed makeup at home. blendSMART revolutionizes skincare and makeup application.

While being a first-of-its-kind product gives many advantages in the marketplace, Lori Machiorlette quickly realized it also presents some challenges. Most customers –  either in person or digital –  require significant education before purchasing.

“Most women aren’t even aware  that rotating makeup brushes exist, so we need to educate the consumer about our innovation  before we start selling. A significant amount of   marketing  dollars goes toward awareness building and educating.”

Revenue Declined After Changes to Facebook’s Algorithm

Over the last year, Machiorlette focused on growing blendSMART’s Facebook followers, which was their primary lead generation tool, as well as building a solid list of engaged email subscribers. However, as Facebook changed its algorithms, like other small businesses, she found her views and ad spend decreased by 35%, which affected sales. She also saw a decrease of nearly 23% in return on ad spend. 

“With the drop in our channel performance, we needed to consider alternative ways to get our message and product in front of target customers. We needed that solution to be affordable and easy-to-use” says Machiorlette. 

Because data showed that almost 75% of her customers visited the site on mobile devices, she decided to explore mobile marketing to supplement her social media presence. She knew the best opportunity for converting leads and building repeatable revenue was to meet consumers where they spend the most time - on their mobile device. After looking at several options for SMS texting platforms, Machiorlette discovered Intellipse, an intelligent SMS solution that helps businesses engage in conversational messaging with their customers. 

“After seeing how other businesses were using Intellipse to capture granular information about their visitors, I knew the platform had value to add far beyond increasing sales,” says Machiorlette.

Intellipse’s technology automatically collects demographic information and product preferences from anonymous website visitors, and converts them to SMS leads. For blendSMART, Intellipse helped Machiorlette understand granular information such as how many times her leads wear makeup each week, and how long they typically spend on their makeup routine. 

This lead-specific intelligence makes it easy for Lori to send highly relevant, individualized messages to each SMS lead. Hyper-personalization via Intellipse increases ROI, decreases opt-out rates, and improves brand loyalty.

blendSMART Saw an Average 12% Conversion Rate on Campaigns

During the first two months of working with Intellipse, blendSMART converted 4.4% of total website visitors to SMS leads and 12% of SMS leads into customers for a total ROI of 28.6X - all without relying on discounting.

After 12 months, blendSMART’s ROI is projected to reach 75X. This improvement is driven by Intellipse’s ability to collect vast amounts of data over time that marketers can use to launch increasingly segmented campaigns. As they further define segments based on purchase motivations and preferences, campaigns become more targeted and contextual, significantly increasing ROI. 

“The return on our campaigns is unbelievable. As soon as I saw the results, I immediately committed to using Intellipse,” says Machiorlette. “There is no way I’m going back to relying only on social media or email. The numbers spoke for themselves.”

Building Loyalty and Education for the Future 

After their early success, Machiorlette has plans to use Intellipse going forward to capture more mobile leads and deliver additional targeted content. She plans to create an educational series with different focuses, such as how to contour or use the blush. Other ideas include makeup looks for specific occasions, such as a no-makeup look or a Saturday-night look. 

“Everyone at Intellipse made the process unbelievably easy,” says Machiorlette. “The team really wanted to help me grow my business, not just sell me products.”

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